Medical Coding Exam

medical coding examPassing a medical coding test is not required to become a health information technician, but you will open yourself up to a wealth of opportunity by doing so. On this page, we will look at why you should take a medical coding exam, how you can prepare and what benefits come along with becoming a medical insurance coding specialist.

Why to Take a Medical Coding Exam?

Taking and successfully passing a medical coding exam can be beneficial for several reasons. First, you will have more job offers and work opportunities by becoming certified in medical insurance coding.

Preparing to take the medical coding test will get you accustomed to becoming efficient with the subject matter. Your earnings potential will also go up, as those who have passed a medical coding exam make thousands more than those who are not certified.

How to Prepare for a Medical Coding Exam?

The best way to prepare for a medical coding exam is by taking classes prior to ever signing up for the test. Medical insurance coding courses can be taken at a physical facility or online.

Next, learn exactly what the medical coding exam will cover. For instance, the Certified Coding Associate exam is 100 multiple choice questions and you have two hours to complete it. The CPC exam is made up of 150 multiple choice questions that are split up into two parts.

Study guides are available online that will correspond with the medical coding test you are taking. You can also prepare for the medical coding exam with online practicums or simulation (practice) exams.

What do I Bring to a Medical Coding Exam?

When you’re finally ready to take the medical coding exam, there are a few things you will need to bring with you. Two forms of identification are generally required. You likely will need to bring your own #2 pencils to take the medical coding test. Depending on the medical coding exam, you will need to bring the corresponding coding book. You likely will not need to bring a form of payment as the medical coding insurance test is usually paid for weeks in advance.

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