Medical Coding Salary

medical coding salaryMedical coding specialists are some of the most sought-after experts in the healthcare industry today. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average medical coding salary is highly competitive in the American marketplace. The average medical coding specialist salary is also competitive with some of the other high-paying specialist jobs in the nation.

We will discuss what factors and variables go into determining what sets the average, above average and best medical coding salary below.

Medical Coding Salary Factors

Determining a medical coding salary is not unlike the decision-making process for most other professions. A number of factors play a role in what the average medical coding salary will be.

Those who are certified and have completed a medical coding course have a better shot of being employed and making a higher medical coding salary. Simply put, those with more education have more opportunities to make more money.

Economic boons or woes have little to no impact on a medical coding specialist salary. In fact, the demand for medical coding professionals rises right alongside the population and the demand for healthcare services.

Other factors that have an impact on the average medical coding salary include the size and the location of your employer. Hospitals, outpatient centers, physicians’ offices and rehabilitation clinics are all in need of qualified medical coding experts, and the physical size and geographic location will help determine your pay.

Experience and qualifications in the healthcare industry are two more factors when determining a medical coder salary. Some employers allow medical coders to work from the comfort of their own home, which can play another role in setting the average medical coding salary.

Medical Coding Specialist Salary

A medical coding specialist salary is very competitive with other professions in the market place. The starting medical coding salary in some cases may be somewhat low. However, in many instances a medical coding salary ends up on the high end of the spectrum when compared with other lines of employment.

With the right drive, desire and education, becoming a medical coding specialist in the ever-growing healthcare industry can prove to be a very fulfilling and lucrative career move. The medical coding salary you earn ultimately is up to you.

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